North Cheshire Cruising Club have a dedicated slipway for boats to have surveys, blacking and other work done. We have an established team who bring boats out of the water every Thursday at 11am. Boats are returned to the water the following Thursday around 10am. Maximum size is 65ft.

We also bring boats out for a survey on a Thursday. This can affect the time your boat goes in, but out team will keep your informed. All times are subject to change.

Our Slipway team is Julian Swinden (Slipway Manager), and his assistants Ian Hooper, Ian Jewel, Mike Robison and Eric Roberts. The slipway team are all volunteers, so if there is a delay in your boat going onto the slipway, it is not their error but circumstances beyond their control, please be polite and courteous.

Please contact Eric Roberts to book, or in his absence Julian Swinden

Details you will need to provide upon your initial booking

  • Your Name
  • Confirmation if you are a member of North Cheshire Cruising Club
  • Your Boat Name
  • Boat length in feet
  • Dates you would like to come out
  • Confirmation of your fully comprehensive insurance (on email once booking is confirmed) and C&RT Licence details
  • Contact Details.

Note : All payments are via our card payment system or directly into the bank (on request). No cash payments are taken

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Costs for using the Slipway are below:

Slipway Charges
1 Week – Members – Includes washer and poly tunnel£65.00
1 Week – Members (under 12 month) – Includes washer and poly tunnel£130,00
1 Week – Slipway Non Members£450.00
Slipway In and Out
Members 1 day£25
Non Members 1 day£350.00