Code of Conduct

North Cheshire Cruising Club (NCCC) aims to provide its members and guests with quality facilities for the enjoyment of club social activities and there is an expectation that members and guests will adhere to the standards of behaviour and conduct,  We are committed to providing an environment that is free of discrimination, harassment and intimidation for members and guests.

Whilst making use of the social facilities provided, members and guests are expect to display the behaviour and conduct befitting a members’ club.  NCCC is an inclusive  club and expects its members and guests to treat each other with dignity and respect, at all times.  All members and guests must respect the rights of others to be treated equally, regardless of age, gender, ability, race, cultural background, religious beliefs, or sexual identity.

Whilst full acknowledging that adult ‘banter’ contributes to creating a healthy atmosphere among members, these few simple rules are designed to safeguard others who find such banter offensive or intimidating.

NCCC will not tolerate behaviour from members or guests which falls short of the club’s expected standards of behaviour and conduct.  All members and guests have the right to challenge poor behaviour or conduct, so long as this is done in a courteous manner and is not likely to lead to a situation escalating.  There is a zero tolerance attitude towards the use of foul, abusive or threatening language and physical violence.  Any member or guest who experiences poor behaviour or conduct should report the incident to any of the NCCC Board members.

This code of conduct is not intended to create a bureaucratic regulatory environment, but rather to promote and enhance our Club’s values.

Members must not:

Engage in any abusive, threatening or bullying behaviour towards anyone at the club, or allow this behaviour to go unchecked and unreported.

Use inappropriate language towards participants of the club, including, but not limited to: sexually suggestive behaviour / language, unwanted / unnecessary physical contact and language or conduct intending to intimidate or threaten individuals.


28 November 2022