An Exceptional Send off for Willie

My most heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended William’s Celebration of Life yesterday. 

We were very honoured to have Ian M Braine to skipper the boat from Whaley Bridge to Bugsworth for William’s “last journey afloat”. 

There was tremendous outpouring of love and respect in abundance, for our wonderful friend, who gave so much, to so many, throughout his life. 

We were comforted and so very grateful to have so many lovely people turn out at various locations on our canal journey to pay their last respects. 

We stopped off in Bugsworth to read Mike Robison’s poem which we know would have touched Will’s heart:

“Cruising along and getting up speed

Crawling along through a blanket of weed

Stalling the boat going over a log

Stuck in a winding hole looks like a bog

Scraping the side going into a lock

Taking it slowly never needing a clock

Watching the clouds, the wind and the rain

Cheering and laughing when the suns out again

Following a rainbow shining brightly above

What’s at the end maybe my true love

Going through a bridge listen to the sound

The engines alive putting echoes around

Coming to a stop getting stuck in the mud

I’m going back to that rainbow, if only I could

We all learnt so much about William from all of his friends from different walks of life sharing their precious memories. 

His presence will be with us in everything we now do to continue to deliver his outstanding projects and dreams for the Club as a tribute to his amazing life.

I am certain that we will all have made him so very proud and given him the most deserving send off. 

Heather Rowley