Founder Members

This display summarises what we know about the founder members. The numbers 1 – 10 are taken from the application forms, in the club archives annotated as ‘Founder Members’.

A membership card donated by Frank Kennerley from his father Bert, records a different 10 names including: G H Baxter, H Hopewell, T Maguire, W Molloy; but not Downs, Ridgeway, Shaw or Hazeldine! The date of foundation he gives as 12th August 1943.

H Downs writing in 1964 stated that there were 16 people at the meeting on end of June 1943, when the club was founded and only 14 are identified here. So exactly who were the founder members appears to be in some doubt.

Interestingly on the application forms the date of the meeting at which they were accepted was stated as 19th September 1943.

Bert Kennerleys Membership Card

H W Downs was the first club chairman and commodore 1945–1948. He was one of the driving forces in the formation of the club.  He berthed ‘Otter’ in a boathouse opposite the present triangle. In later years he was an inveterate potterer and was often seen around the arm modifying boats. Around 1956 ‘Otter’ was sold but in 1959 he bought another motor cruiser ‘Lutra’ he died in 1964