Below is the Board members of North Cheshire Cruising Club

Commodore Email the Commodore
ChairmanMike RobisonEmail the Chairman
Company SecretaryHeather StanleyEmail the Secretary
Finance DirectorRuth SmithEmail the Finance Director
Premises DirectorNigel StanleyEmail the Premises Manager
Land and Water Space DirectorEric Roberts Email the Land and Water Space Director
Membership Services DirectorPam Russell
Email the Membership Secretary
Bar DirectorLyndsay HillmanEmail the Bar Director
Director without PortfolioDave HoodEmail the Director without Portfolio

Below is the Company Officials

Vice Commodore
Chris Potter
Rear Commodore
AWCC RepJohn SuggittEmail the AWCC Rep
Ditchcrawler EditorEmail the Editor
Food Safety OfficerPam RussellEmail the Food Safety Officer
Fund Raising Co-ordinatorSheila BarlowEmail the Fund Raising Co-ordinator
Kitchen SupervisorPam Russell
Email the Kitchen Supervisor
Licencing OfficerJacqui KilburnEmail the Licencing Officer
Moorings OfficerDave HoodEmail the Moorings Officer
Bill Jewsbury
Wharf SuperintendentMike RobisonEmail the Wharf Superintendent
Slipway ManagerJulian Swinden
PostmasterHeather StanleyEmail the Postmaster
Website Co-ordinator Heather StanleyEmail the Website Co-ordinator